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“The Square dental referral clinic is
the islands provider of advanced endodontic,
periodontic, dental implant and
Cone Beam CT imaging
referral service.”

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We care for you

Our aim is to ensure that both the referring dentist and the referred patient are satisfied with the high standards of service and care in the world class leading referral centre.

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We are committed to stay on the cutting edge of modern dental treatment. The Square is our vision to create an up to date equipped dental clinic for advanced endodontic, periodontic and implantology cases.

In our premises your patient will receive world class evidence based treatment and care backed up by the most technologically advanced equipment. All treatments are performed under high magnification with the means of a surgical operating dental microscope. Our micro-dentistry concept is backed up today with the means of a 3D visualisation imaging technology known as focused field cone beam computerised tomography (CBCT). With CBCT we acquire accurate and true 3D visualization of the teeth and supporting structures with the lowest postulated radiation exposure in the market. The latter inevitably offers better standards of treatment and care since we simply believe that you cannot treat what you cannot see.

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Our experts

The power that drives our
business is our experts.

The Square’s mission is to help meet the oral health needs of the local manx community by providing clinical expertise and innovation in the discipline of endodontology, periodontology and dental implantology.

Our experts

The clinic collaborates with well-rounded clinicians with the competence and aptitude for developing and delivering a high-quality and predictable clinical service in endodontics, periodontics and dental implants. Our clinicians have been presenting in many national and international conferences and publications in prestigious dental journals.

19 Our Services

What types of dental services
we offer to our patients.

7 Byron Tsivos
Byron Tsivos
DDS MSc Endodontics (UCL)
7 Vasiliki Loli
Vasiliki Loli
MSc Implantology (merit)
5  Dr. Efstathios Kousounis
Efstathios Kousounis
DDS, MClindent,Cert. Perio
Working through cast restorations. (through crown)
Negotiating blocked and calcified canals. 
Moderate or significant curvature of the canal and root. 
Repair of perforations.
Emergency management of pain and trauma.
Microsurgical endodontics. (surgery difficult access)
Crown lengthening procedures.
Minor bone harvesting and augmentation procedures.
Implant supported over dentures.
Dental implant repair services.
Replacement of one, several or all teeth with the aid of dental implants.
From single to full mouth dental implant rehabilitation.
Socket/bone preservation procedures.
State of the art computer aided surgical planning.
Surgical periodontal therapy, Access flap surgery with osseous recontouring.
Regenerative periodontal surgery with the use of biomaterials.
Crown lengthening.
Periodontal plastic surgery.
Non surgical periodontal therapy.
Primary treatment UL7

Primary treatment UL7

Under Curved Canals And Primary Treatments - Case 1

Under Curved Canals And Primary Treatments - Case 1

Through Crown And Bridge - Case 1

Through Crown And Bridge - Case 1

Through Cast Restoration - Case 9

Through Cast Restoration - Case 9

Referral forms.

Simply complete one of our referral forms or contact us by fax, email or post. Within short notice the patient will be contacted to arrange an initial consultation.

Pdf Download / Endodontic Referral Form Pdf Download / CT Scan Referral Form Pdf Download / Periodontic Referral Form Pdf Download / Dental Implants Referral Form
Commencement of treatment will take place within two weeks upon referral and will only be carried out as previously agreed with you and the patient.
Commencement of treatment will take place within two weeks upon referral and will only be carried out as previously agreed with you and the patient.